Norinori Life’s products won the “ASIA DESIGN PRIZE 2024”!

The “Up-down Grill” and “Mesh Pan” developed by Noritomi Ironworks, Inc. (Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture) have won the ASIA DESIGN PRIZE 2024.

The ASIA DESIGN PRIZE was launched in 2016 to identify outstanding social design based in Asia. The award is an international design award originating from Asia and is positioned as the most prestigious design award in Asia.


<Up Down Grill Jury Comments>
This outdoor cooking product garnered praise for its innovative design that allows simultaneous grilling and oven cooking, offering a full-scale cooking experience in outdoor settings. Its user-friendly, pull-out design and wood frame for heat retention and burn prevention, along with the easy cleanup feature, were highly appreciated for enhancing outdoor cooking convenience and safety.
●Award-winning Gallery

<Mesh Pan Jury Comments>
The stainless steel mesh frying pan has been praised for its innovation, allowing for direct flame cooking of noodles and rice, enhancing flavors with the aroma of wood. Its design promotes healthier meals by draining excess fat and is lauded for ease of cleaning and replaceable mesh, making it both practical and sustainable for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.
●Award-winning Gallery

It is a great honor to receive this award following the Good Design Award and Fukuoka Design Award.
We would like to take this award as an opportunity to further strive to create innovative and unprecedented products.


▶Up-down grille specification
Up-down grill: 40 cm (W) x 40 cm (D) x 32 cm (H)
*15.7″(W) x15.7″(D) x 12.6″(H)
Digestion lid table: 43 cm (W) x 43 cm (D) x 15 cm (H)
*16.9″(W) x16.9″(D) x 5.9″(H)
【Weight】16kg *35.3lb
Kiln part : Stainless steel (SUS304),Aluminum
Frame : Wood (white ash)
Pizza Stone : Ceramic
Digesting lid table : Stainless steel (SUS304), Wood (white ash), Insulation

【EC site】https://noritetsu.thebase.in/categories/2877883


▶Mesh pan specification
Mesh pan (large): W32cm x L48cm x D 2.4cm
*12.3″(W) x18.9″(L) x 0.9″(D)
Mesh Pan (Small): W21cm x L38cm x D2.4cm
*8.3″(W) x 15″(L) x 0.9″(D)
Mesh pan (large): 0.38g *0.0008lb
Mesh pan (small): 0.26g *0.0005lb
【Material】Body: Stainless steel (SUS304) / Handle: Wood (white ash)

Mesh pan (large): ¥16,500
Mesh Pan (small): ¥13,750
【EC site】
Mesh Pan (Large): https://noritetsu.thebase.in/items/79395734
Mesh Pan (Small): https://noritetsu.thebase.in/items/79396267